Founded in 2003, Benchmark is an  investment consulting firm that services private clients, institutional plans and group pension plans. Benchmark also advises a select number of Defined Benefit Pension Plan clients.

The core of our capabilities lies in our extensive investing and consulting experience. Most investment firms specialize in either investing or in consulting but very few combine both skill-sets.  This range of capabilities brings many advantages to our clients including helping them in their financial plans, providing advanced portfolio design and management.

Client assets managed by Benchmark have access to some 150 "best-in-class" funds from 40 leading money managers ranging across 13 asset classes.  From this  wide range of outstanding choices, Benchmark managers assemble and manage fully diversified portfolios that meet each client's specific needs and objectives.  Our rigorous processes are why we have achieved over our 14 year+ history one of the finest performance track record in the industry. 

In summary we offer the most desirable investment advantages to investors and investor groups including a competitive pricing schedule.    

For further information please contact Marc Lalonde at 506-381-0932 or Larry Langley at 902-443-4959